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Pre-installed Protocols

Network Monitoring Protocols

Network Monitor comes with many pre-installed protocols. All supported protocols, along with a short description and file name where they are defined, are listed in the table below:

ProtocolDescriptionProtocol Definition File
ArpAddress Resolution Protocolarp.h
DhcpDynamic Host Configuration Protocol (over Ipv4)dhcp.h
Dhcpv6Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (over Ipv6)dhcpv6.h
DnsDomain Name System Protocoldns.h
EthernetEthernet Protocolnet_defs.h
HTTPHyper-text Transfer Protocolhttp.h
llMnrLink Local Multicast Name Resolutiondns.h
IcmpInternet Control Message Protocol (over Ipv4)icmp.h
Icmpv6Internet Control Message Protocol (over Ipv6)icmpv6.h
Ipv4Internet Protocol version 4ip.h
Ipv6Internet Protocol version 6ipv6.h
MsrpcMicrosoft Remote Procedure Call Protocolmsrpc.h
NbtNsNetBios Name ServiceNbtNs.h
NbtNsOverTcpNetBios Name Service protocol (over Tcp)NbtNs.h
NbtSSNetBios Session ServiceNetBios.h
NbtDsNetBios Datagram ServiceNetBios.h
SmbServer Message Blockssmb.h
Smb2Server Message Blocks version 2smb.h
SmbOverTcpServer Message Blocks (over Tcp)smb.h
TcpTransmission Control Protocoltcp.h
UdpUser Datagram Protocoludp.h

USB Monitoring Protocols

Currently, only a single protocol is defined for USB sessions.

Serial Monitoring Protocols

Currently, only a single protocol is defined for Serial sessions. In addition, serial module uses protocols, defined in Network module through the PPP protocol.