Hex Editor - Binary File Editing Software for Windows
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Customization Overview

Hex Editor Neo is a highly customizable application. You can customize almost every feature or module. This section describes several basic customization mechanisms.

In addition, other customizable features are described in other sections. This includes:

Editor Window Customization
You can customize the placement and layout of an editor window.
Structure Viewer Settings Page
Structure Viewer allows you to define a list of directories that are used to search for included files. It also allows you to define an association between a structure scheme and file extension.

In addition, most interface dialogs, especially those that encapsulate a Pattern Window, allow you to change their size. The size is then saved and restored next time you use this dialog. Most window fields also store the values you entered into them and provide you with a list of last recently used values.

This section describes General Settings, Toolbar Customization and Keyboard Customization.