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Change File Size

This command allows you to quickly change the size of the current document.

Change File Size Dialog

Complexity: constant-time.

Entered number is interpreted according to the following table:

HexadecimalSize of the file in bytes in hexadecimal format.
DecimalSize of the file in bytes in decimal format.
KBSize of the file in kilobytes in decimal floating-point format.
MBSize of the file in megabytes in decimal floating-point format.
GBSize of the file in gigabytes in decimal floating-point format.

The resulting file size among with a free space on the drive from which you opened a file is displayed at the bottom of the window.

Memory or disk space is not consumed regardless of the resulting file size. Although, make sure you have enough free disk space if you are going to save the document.

When the size of the file is increased as a result of this operation, a newly inserted area is filled with byte 00.