Hex Editor - Binary File Editing Software for Windows
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Default Editor Windows Settings

Hex Editor Neo offers a wide variety of settings for each editor window. By default, when the new editor window is created, it gets the following settings:

Offset (address) display modeHex
Data display modeHex
Byte orderLittle-Endian
EncodingDefault ANSI
Code paneON
Text paneON

To change these defaults, open the Editor settings page (Tools » Settings… » Editor).

Editor Settings

You can manually change any setting, or press the “Take from current window” button to get all settings from an active editor window. Press the “Reset to Default” button to return back to defaults.

Associating Editor Window Settings with Documents

Another feature, offered by Hex Editor Neo is the ability to associate specific editor settings for each opened document. When this feature is ON, each time you close an editor window, its settings are automatically stored and applied next time you open the same document in the editor.

You can clear stored settings at any time by pressing the Clear Cache button.