Hex Editor - Binary File Editing Software for Windows
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Editor Windows Placement

Hex Editor Neo provides an extremely convenient way of organizing the work space when working with more than one document or with more than one editor window.

The workspace is divided into one or more frames. Each frame contains one or more editor window.

Several Document Frames

Each editor window is represented by a tab in a frame. The document's file name is displayed on each tab. Click on a tab to switch to the window. If there are too much tabs in a frame that they cannot fit in it, the Scroll Left and Scroll Right (arrows) buttons are enabled. Use them to scroll the tabs to the left or right correspondingly.

When you create new editor window, it is placed in the first visible frame. To create a new frame, click on a tab and drag it away from other tabs. Releasing a mouse button brings up the menu with two options: New Horizontal Frame and New Vertical Frame. Selecting either of these options creates a new frame and transfers the dragged window into it.

Windows may be freely moved between frames, and inter-frame splitter bars may be used to change frames' relative sizes. When you close or move away the last frame's window, the frame is closed.