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Working with Selection

The following commands are used to work with a selection:

Select All

Selects the whole document.

Complexity: constant-time.

Select None

Drops the current selection.

Complexity: constant-time.

Invert Selection

Inverts the current selection. Selected blocks become unselected, and vice versa.

Complexity: constant-time.

Select Range…

Use this command to add, subtract or overlap the given range with a current selection.

Complexity: from constant-time to linear-time, depending on the current selection.

Select Modified

Drops the current selection and adds all modified document data to the current selection.

Complexity: linear-time, depending on number of document modifications.

Save Selection…

Compresses and saves the current selection to a disk file.

Complexity: linear-time, depending on the number of blocks in a current selection.

Load Selection…

Loads and optionally merges the selection from disk file with a current one.

Complexity: linear-time, depending on loaded selection complexity and current selection complexity (for merge operations).