Hex Editor - Binary File Editing Software for Windows

Crash Dumps

We have worked hard to eliminate all possible bugs in the product. Nevertheless, as in each software product, bugs occur from time to time. The worst of bugs are general protection faults or other types of exceptions that cause the operating system to forcefully close the application, possibly causing user data losses.

Hex Editor Neo integrates with Windows Error Reporting service which automatically collects crash information and submits it to special Microsoft servers for analysis. After some processing the data is sent to us so we can analyze the crash and fix the bug. Windows Error Reporting behaves slightly differently on Windows XP and later operating systems. On Windows Vista, the minimal information about crash (without a dump) is always submitted and you are asked if you want to submit additional information (that is, a crash dump itself). Remember that the more crash dumps we receive the faster we will release an update that fixes the bug.

All information is always submitted anonymously.

Submitted Crash Dumps Processing

Crash dumps submitted for any version of the product prior to the latest one are usually silently ignored and deleted. We have chosen this policy as it usually takes some time to develop a next version and during this time we have already received a number of bug reports and fixed as many bugs as we could. That's why, if you encounter any bug in our software, you are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version and see if it has already been fixed.

This policy may change in the future: for example, if a new major version of the product is released, bug fixes for the previous major version will continue to be released for some time.