Remote Serial Ports Server - Share remote COM ports and serial devices
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Server Redistribution

Server component may be redistributed using one of the following ways:

Installer Redistribution

Server installation package may be freely re-distributed to other computers. Installer supports unattented installation:


remote-serial-ports-server.exe -silent -machine


remote-serial-ports-server.exe -silent -machine -uninstall

In-place Upgrade

remote-serial-ports-server.exe -silent -machine -type 2

Since installer adds a system service to the target machine, it must be launched by the user with sufficient privileges (and must be elevated). Any non-zero error code returned by the installer should be treated as error.

Running as system service, server always shares configured serial ports and does not require a logged-on user.

Copy-Paste Redistribution

Remote Serial Ports Server supports simple deployment for quick serial sharing experience. All you need is to copy the ps_server.exe file to the target computer and launch it, optionally providing command-line parameters for fine-grain control. See the Server Command-Line Parameters section for more information.

In this mode, server does not need to be elevated and may be launched by a non-privileged user. However, it requires a user to log in to the server and manually launch a server process. Ports are shared as long as server process is running.