Remote Serial Ports - Network COM Ports/Devices Sharing/Redirecting Software for Windows

Client Configuration Utility

Client configuration utility is a convenient way to create and manage local virtual serial ports.

Client Configuration Utility

The top list displays all discovered or manually added servers and their shared serial ports. Press the Discover button to automatically search for serial port servers in the local network. In addition, application automatically starts discovering upon launch. If the target server is not discovered automatically, press the Add Server button to add it manually. Press the Remove Server button to remove a server from the list. Select the port and press the Connect button to create a local virtual serial port and connect it to the selected remote port.

The bottom list displays all currently configured local ports and their remote connection endpoints.

When connecting new serial port, you are asked for the credentials. These credentials are used to authenticate on the remote server each time a client application opens a handle to a virtual serial port and a connection is established.

Press the Delete button to remove the local serial port.