Remote Serial Ports - Network COM Ports/Devices Sharing/Redirecting Software for Windows

Command-Line Utility

Command-line utility rspcli.exe may be used as a simple API to create and manage remote serial ports. Command-line utility returns 0 if the requested operation completed successfully, or non-zero error code (HRESULT). It also prints error description to STDOUT unless the --silent parameter is specified.

Command-line Parameters

The utility supports the following command-line parameters:

-?, --helpDisplays the list of supported parameters with short description.
--silentDo not display any error or success messages.
-createCreate new port and connect it to remote port.
-deleteNDelete an existing port.
-listList all remote serial ports on the current computer.
-list-remotehostnameList all shared serial ports on the specified host.
Port Creation Parameters
--local-portNOptional local port number. If omitted, the next available port is used.
--remote-hosthostnameName or address of remote host that shares COM port.
--remote-portNCOM port number of the port on remote computer.
--loginusernameName of the user to use for authentication on a remote host. May include domain in the form DOMAIN\USERNAME.
--passwordpasswordPassword of the user for authentication on remote computer. If omitted, the user is asked to enter password in terminal.
--connection-timeoutNAn optional connection timeout (in milliseconds).
--connection-attemptsNAn optional number of connection attempts to try before giving up.