Remote Serial Ports - Network COM Ports/Devices Sharing/Redirecting Software for Windows

Remote Serial Ports Client

Client component consists of a virtual serial port driver, in-process COM server, configuration utility and command-line utility.

Virtual serial port driver is a user-mode driver providing full-featured serial ports to the client computer. User application may use API provided by the in-process COM server to create and delete virtual serial ports. Created virtual serial ports may then be connected to remote hosts.

In addition, a Configuration Utility may be used to create, delete and connect virtual serial ports.

Command-line utility also provides a way to create, delete and list configured remote serial ports from using the command-line interface.

When the client application opens a handle to a virtual serial port, a connection is established to remote host. All control information and data sent or received to the virtual serial port after that is silently transferred to the server and then eventually to the shared server port.