Remote Serial Ports - Network COM Ports/Devices Sharing/Redirecting Software for Windows

Client Redistribution

Remote Serial Ports has a special build best suited for purposes of redistribution of the library as part of another product. You may download this package by following this link.

This package is essentially the same installer package with Configuration Utility and documentation removed. It contains both x86 and x64 versions of the library and driver and automatically installs the correct files on the target machine. On 64-bit machine, both 32-bit and 64-bit COM libraries are installed and registered.

Installer package supports unattended silent installation using the following command line switches:


remote-serial-ports-redist.exe -silent -machine


remote-serial-ports-redist.exe -silent -machine -uninstall

In-place Upgrade

remote-serial-ports-redist.exe -silent -machine -type 2

It is recommended to restart a computer after installing or uninstalling the package.

Installation Instructions

Since installer adds a device driver to the target machine, it must be launched by the user with sufficient privileges (and must be elevated). Any non-zero error code returned by the installer should be treated as error.