Remote Serial Ports - Network COM Ports/Devices Sharing/Redirecting Software for Windows

Remote Serial Ports Overview

Remote Serial Ports is a software package that provides remote access to local serial devices. It consists of two components: server and client.

Server component needs to be installed on a computer which serial ports you want to “share” across the network. By default, server is installed as Windows Service and runs even without a logged-on user. In addition, the server may be launched on-demand, providing quick way to share serial devices.

Client component is installed on a client computer. It consists of a virtual serial port driver, configuration utility and command-line utility. In addition, full-featured API is provided by means of installed in-process COM server.

Once created, a virtual serial port is connected to a remote shared physical serial port. After that, it behaves exactly like the remote port, hiding any differences from an application that works with a serial port on a client computer.

The actual connection is established at the time client application opens the virtual serial port and dropped as soon as the port is closed.