Virtual Serial Ports - Software Virtual COM Port Null Modem Cable Emulator for Windows

Creating Virtual Ports

This wizard allows you to create new virtual serial device.

New Port Wizard

After selecting the port name, choose one of the following port types:

Listening port is initially disconnected, but is ready to accept remote connections to form remote bridges. If you select this port type, you may optionally configure listening port's access rights by pressing the Configure Permissions button.

Pipe port is connected to a given named pipe, for which it is either a creator, or a client. First, specify the name of the pipe. Valid pipe names must conform to the following pattern: \\servername\pipe\pipename, where servername is either the name of the remote server or “.” for local server. If you are the creator of the pipe, you must specify local server. Pipename must be any number of alphanumeric symbols and must not contain slash or backslash characters.

If you are creating a pipe, you may optionally specify pipe creation parameters.

Input/Output Files
Specify the full paths for input and output files (or press the Browse buttons) as well as output file opening mode.