Virtual Serial Ports - Software Virtual COM Port Null Modem Cable Emulator for Windows

Virtual Serial Ports Overview

HHD Software Virtual Serial Ports is a software package that allows the creation of virtual serial ports.

Created virtual serial port may be used in one of the following ways:

Connected to a named pipe.
Other side of the named pipe is usually connected to virtual machine's COM port.
Connected to another virtual serial port, forming a virtual “bridge” between each other.
Virtual Serial Ports supports creation of both local and remote bridges.
Connected to two files.
When an application opens a virtual port and “reads” data from it, data is read from an input file, and when it "writes" data to a port, data is written to the output file.

Product Organization

Technically, the product consists of the following components:

Device Driver
This device driver implements the functionality of the virtual serial port device. It operates in user mode space, unlike most other device drivers, making the system more stable and secure.
In-process COM component (ActiveX Control)
Provides rich application programming interface (API) for applications that want to create and manage virtual serial ports.
Configuration Utility
An example of ActiveX Control API client, which provides simple user interface for creation and management of virtual serial devices.
Command-line Utility
Provides a simple command-line API to create and manage virtual serial ports and bridges.

Supported Environments

Virtual Serial Ports currently supports the following operating systems:

On 64-bit operating systems, both 64-bit and 32-bit COM components are installed and registered, allowing both 64-bit and 32-bit client code to create and manage virtual serial ports.