Virtual Serial Port Tools - Advanced serial port configurations for your custom ports usage scenario

IAliasPortDevice Interface

This interface is implemented by an alias port device.


interface IAliasPortDevice extends ${IConfigurableDevice} {
    // Properties
    ${aliasPort}: number;
    ${targetDevicePath}: string;
public interface IAliasPortDevice : ${IConfigurableDevice}
    // Properties
    uint ${aliasPort} { get; set; }
    string ${targetDevicePath} { get; set; }
struct IAliasPortDevice : IConfigurableDevice
    // Properties
    unsigned ${aliasPort};  // get set 
    _bstr_t ${targetDevicePath};  // get set 

IAliasPortDevice Properties


aliasPort: number;
uint aliasPort { get; set; }
unsigned aliasPort;  // get set 

Port number of original serial port this device is an alias for.


targetDevicePath: string;
string targetDevicePath { get; set; }
_bstr_t targetDevicePath;  // get set 

An alternative way to specify the original serial port by its device path.